terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2018

Disparidades 6

We found that, compared to their share in the population, blacks are almost twice as likely to be pulled over as whites — even though whites drive more on average, by the way. We also discovered that blacks are more likely to be searched following a stop. Just by getting in a car, a black driver has about twice the odds of being pulled over, and about four times the odds of being searched. Hispanic drivers, overall, are no more likely than whites to be pulled over, but much more likely to be searched.
These racial disparities are particularly pronounced among men rather than women, and younger men rather than older ones. So the numbers certainly validate the idea that young black and Hispanic men are commonly viewed as suspects, not as citizens, by the police.

Entrevista de Frank Baumgartner, Derek Epp and Kelsey Shoub, autores do livro Suspect Citizens, no The Washington Post