quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2015

Infiltrados e/ou refugiados

If a potential terrorist is determined to enter America to do harm, there are easier and faster ways to get there than by going through the complex refugee resettlement process. Of the almost 750,000 refugees who have been admitted to America since 9/11, only two Iraqis have arrested on terrorist charges; they had not planned an attack in America, but aided al-Qaeda at home. Syrians in America have fared better than other groups of refugees, integrating quickly and finding work. Some have done very well indeed: the father of Steve Jobs, the ground-breaking innovator and founder of Apple, was a refugee from Syria. And the mother of Jerry Seinfeld, the comedian, is of Jewish Syrian descent. 

The Economist 

Ao ler este texto, lembrei-me dos analistas de bancada que sempre abordam as questões do terrorismo pela cartilha dos medos improváveis.