segunda-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2013

"Are criminals born ou made?"

A propósito do livro de Adrian Raine, The ANATOMY of VIOLENCE, The Biological Roots of Crime, vale a pena ler o artigo de Daniel Dennett, com o título em epígrafe, publicado no Prospect, em 24 de abril.
"The Anatomy of Violence is a most valuable contribution to the current debates on these topics. Raine provides the details, and the evidential backing, for a host of distinctions that need to be drawn by those of us intent on reforming our obscenely unjust system of criminal justice. His ultimate reticence on the big ethical and legal questions is itself not an abdication but a measure of his own sense of responsibility: he tells us about what he can responsibly vouch for, and invites us to finish the story using our own expertise. That is perhaps the most important task facing philosophy and jurisprudence."