quarta-feira, 29 de maio de 2013

OLAF: funções e limites

The European Anti-fraud Office (commonly known as OLAF, from FrenchOffice de Lutte Anti-Fraude) is charged by the European Union with protecting the financial interests of the European Union: Its tasks are to fight fraud affecting the EU budget, as well as corruption and any other irregular activity, including misconduct, within the institutions of the European Union, in an accountable, transparent and cost-effective manner.
The Anti-fraud Office achieves its mission by conducting, in full independence, internal and external investigations. It also organises close and regular co-operation between the competent authorities of theMember States in order to co-ordinate their activities. OLAF supplies Member States with the necessary support and technical know-how to help them in their anti-fraud activities. It contributes to the design of the anti-fraud strategy of the European Union and takes the necessary initiatives to strengthen the relevant legislation.
It is an administrative investigative body. It has no judicial or disciplinary powers and it cannot oblige national prosecutors to act.